Q & A

What can I request?

- You may submit words to be posted onto this blog. Click the “Request Notes” link, my ask box, and write your words in there. Do not submit a picture of your edit, it will not submit through, for I have a format and font that I like using. You can say anything you want, as long as it’s relevant. no “Fuck you, nigga” or “Ohhhh hipster nebula shit that everyone will reblog”. Those will not be edited on.

How long will it take you?

- I’ve just started up, so I’ll probably be doing them fairly quickly. I do tend to post my own, first, though. This is after all, a place I created for my own feelings.

Will you credit us?

-If requested, your url will be placed under the string of words. If you do not say anything, however, I will assume you want to be anonymous and do not want any credit. That’s why it’s important to read this.

Does it matter if it’s really sad?

- No. You can talk about anything, from happiness to suicidal feelings. These are trinkets of words that others can relate to, so you know you’re not alone.

ALSO: PLEASE NOTE. IF YOU’RE GOING TO SUBMIT SOMETHING, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAVE EVERYTHING IN CORRECT GRAMMAR. That INCLUDES having your “I“‘s capitalized, and the first letter of a sentence capitalized, etc. Correct spelling is also needed. Please! It’s easier and quicker to copy and paste your notes, so it’s exactly your words and I can’t mess them up on accident. And it’s time consuming to have to fix grammatical errors. Thank you!

If there’s anything else, I’d prefer you ask unanonymously, so that I can answer you in your ask box. It’s easier and it keeps the blog clean and only with daily notes. But please, if a question arises do not hesitate to ask. You may ask ->here <-.